Our mission is to help Canadians live better, together through Cohousing and other forms of CoLiving. 

We do this by facilitating:

  • Public education and community formation
  • Site search, feasibility and site acquisition
  • Project management and administration
  • Community outreach and member education
  • The design and governance process
  • Financing options and solutions
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“There is no power greater than a community discovering what it cares about.”


Why does CoLiving make so much sense? 

  • It's connected - Values driven intent to maximizes privacy and community for mutual benefit has resulted in communities that are geared towards fulfillment, vitality and life-long learning.
  • It's affordable - Pooling resources cuts costs and reduces need for individual investment.
  • It's safe - Conscientious design ensures residents have secure communal space to socialize and play in.
  • It prioritizes proximity - Living close to the people, activities and services most important to us improves our quality of life.
  • It's social - A strong sense of community compass loneliness and isolation while improving quality of life.
  • It's sustainable - Good location, design and community intent will reduce transportation, energy, water and food waste.
  • It's independent - Residents manage their own housing and community needs.
  • It enables cocare - Mutual support reduces social isolation and promotes positive, active ageing and strong families.
  • It's secure - Close-knit communities tend to be safe and healthy.

The CoHousing model

Cohousing originated in Denmark. The name describes an intentional community of private homes whose owners cooperatively own and use outdoor spaces around the homes, and commonly owned indoor spaces. 

Cohousing members manage their communities together, and actively come together to learn, support each other, and enjoy life.

Windsong Cohousing community in Langley, BC.  Photo by Kristopher Stevens, 2018.

How we can help

We have solutions...

We offer workshops, training, advisory and project development services leveraging expertise provided by our in house team and through collaboration with local partners and international experts and leaders in Cohousing.

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