The CoLiving team

Mission Statement

We inform, equip and coach people and groups on how to live better, together through CoHousing and CoLiving.

Duncan, Mark and Kris share a deep, personal commitment to ensure that CoLiving Canada succeeds to address the challenges of isolation, loss of freedom and overwhelming cost on all levels that has resulted from the lack of human friendly living options for all age groups and the housing crisis in Canada.


Dr. Duncan Goheen

B.A, M.S., Ph.D. Economics and Human Behaviour

  • Duncan was an economist for the Ontario Department of Treasury and Economics and Prof. of Economics at Cambrian College
  • He was in the real estate business with Goheen Realty in Toronto and was president of Gohcon Ltd. – the family construction company with projects from Alberta to Ontario
  • Duncan was founder and CEO of Sun Financial Corp. from 1982 - 2001, which specialized in financial services, real estate, and venture capital
  • He is Canada’s First Financial Planning Author.
  • Duncan is cofounder of Global Integrated Energy - a Health and Wellness provider of training and education
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Mark Powell

  • Mark ran global and national award winning sales and marketing programs for Dell, Hewlett-Packard and Microsoft
  • Since 2003 he has worked with business leaders of social enterprises to develop sustainable business strategies in cleantech, social enterprise and renewable energy
  • Water Power Group cofounded by Mark as a community supported developed of small water power was recognized as a B Corp top 10 global company.
  • Mark worked with TREC in 2009 to develop its marketing and GTM strategies
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Kristopher Stevens

MES - Environmental Science

  • Kristopher Stevens is an experienced speaker, advisor and leader in the field of sustainability with more than 15 years experience domestically and internationally.  Kristopher specializes in developing and implementing strategies that bring together commercial, public, indigenous and community partners to create individual, social, economic and ecological value.

    Highlights from his career include: spurring seniors community living through alternatives to living alone and institutions, advancing sustainability and innovation in one of Canada’s newest and fastest growing unions, serving seven years as the executive director of the Ontario Sustainable Energy Association, initiating Ontario's successful Green Energy and Economy Act campaign, recruiting executives for Fortune 500 multinationals in Asia, hosting a popular South Korean radio program and researching economic reform in Africa and the sensitive topic of social friction in Ontario's electricity sector.